Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The challenge of NCDs

Building A Global Movement: Putting NCDs on The Radar

The above article highlights the important role that journalist can play towards "putting NCDs on the Radar".

Additionally, this excellent blog post highlights some of the many challenges still facing the NCD community, as well as some of the successes leading up to the summit on NCDs.

Richard Smith: UN meeting on non-communicable diseases goes wobbly

Regardless of the outcomes of the United Nations Summit and the immediate challenges before members of the NCDs community, we must take guidance from remarks made by the Director Emeritus of PAHO/WHO, Sir George Alleyne, "Agitate, educate, integrate and communicate so as to more effectively respond to the issue of NCDs".

The increased dialogue as to the costs for addressing this problem; the genuine concern as to public's lack of awareness of the crisis and more recently the comparisons to the HIV/AIDS UN summit are all signs of progress.

The Agitation phase has begun!

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